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Cambui Online
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Virtual Reality is an interface technology capable of creating a virtual environment from a computer system. By inducing visual, sound and even tactile effects, virtual reality allows for complete immersion in a simulated environment with user interaction.

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Cambui Online, creator of the first exclusive metaverse for business that will enable the inclusion of different sectors in the metaverse with full interaction, generation of employment and income, business promotion, culture, tourism, education, economic and social development.

The Cambui Online Virtual Reality Complex.

A complete structure with: Shopping, Convention Center, Shows and Sports Arenas, Schools, Business and Health Center, all with full interaction.

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Desenvolvemos soluções para o setor público, privado e terceiro setor!




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Cambui Online

The company

  Cambui Online is a technology and metaverse startup focused on businesses that impact the physical environment, 

Creator of the Cambui Online Virtual Reality Complex, a metaverse that will enable the inclusion of different sectors in the virtual reality environment.

Designed to work in the areas of: Education, Tourism, Commerce of products and services, Sports, Corporate, Health, Entertainment, Culture, Marketing and others.

Contato: E-mail:   -  Fone: 71 98831 - 9236

End - SCN - Commercial Sector - Block 4, Bloco B, Parte 873 - Room 702 - Asa Norte - Brasília, DF - Brazil

CNPJ 44.805.486/0001-00  -  All rights reserved

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